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Remy Moné Design Co.

Take your brand to the next level while increasing your online presence. Your brand story matters! This is why I created the perfect brand identity packages to assist you with telling your brand story, growing your business, and attracting new and existing customers/clients to increase cash flow. I work with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and side hustlers who are ready to establish their brand’s story and identity.

Remy Pugh

N&R Health and Wellness

We are a Nutrition Company, Independent Distributors of the World’s best Nutritional Products. We offer a Free Profile to help assess our customer’s needs. To help customize a nutrition plan that best suits that individual. As well we offer Complimentary Community Fit Camp Workouts. And if you like Zumba, you will love our DANCEFIT CAMP Workout routines. We offer nutrition products as well as skin and hair care products. We also have great employment opportunities.

Nicole Rolle