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Women Empowered Cross N Paths

WE are empowered. WE must uplift and encourage each other to effect change in this world. WE must be role models to our young women to inspire them to grow, mature, to be healthy and successful women. WE are no longer bound or broken by our past. When WE cross paths, WE share a smile, a hug, resources, and our testimony. WE uplift, encourage, and strengthen each other, because when our paths cross, WE are no longer standing alone, but we are like A cord intertwined that cannot be broken. WE are a network of women helping the world become a better place, and WE realize that it starts with us. WE are Women Empowered Cross N Paths — A movement on the move!


Barbara Dean Franklin

Volusia Remembers

Our mission, briefly stated, is to Remember, acknowledge, and reflect upon our history of racial terror by partnering with the Equal Justice Initiative to recognize victims of lynching in our county, Volusia County, Florida. Our goals emphasize three points: Honor (remember lynching victims and celebrate Civil Rights victories), Educate (explore our divided past and chart a united future), and Reconcile (cultivate healing and reconciliation).

Each of these words presents challenges. Reconciliation, for instance, requires all of us to confront a painful past. Black members must recall, again, the indignities they have faced and the violence their ancestors have faced. White members must understand that apologizing for past racial terror is only a first step toward healing in the present and for the future.

Sharon Stafford
c/o African American Museum of the Arts P.O. Box 1319, DeLand 32721-1319

Sisters Supporting Sisters

Educate, Advocate, and Strengthen and Support Black women who are military Veterans and women who are currently in active treatment battling breast cancer and also educate those who may be at risk of breast cancer. To aid in the elimination of disparities and socio-economic issues facing many women of color.

Sophia M. Dallas
1305 Laurel Drive, Daytona Beach 32117