Orange City

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T.A.M.E. Financial

T.A.M.E. Financial is a family-owned tax preparation company. We specialize in individual and small business tax preparation. We provide virtual and in-person services with the goal of educating and elevating the community. Our mission is to allow wealthy concepts to be accessible to mainstream America with a focus on educating minorities.

Anesha Gordon
951 North Volusia Avenue, Suite 400, Orange City 32763

Everybody is Somebody

Everybody is Somebody, Inc. provides youth enrichment for young adults in Volusia County, Florida.

How we serve and support children:
Build confidence and self-esteem
Facilitate youth enrichment activities
Provide support in character development and social interaction
Encourage youth to stay in school and excel academically
Develop skills to become responsible citizens in society

Sharon Stafford
461 Clark Street, Orange City 32763